The Sacred Self With Juliana

INTIMACY (in-2-me-i-see)

Let’s be honest! You want more in your relationship, but you don’t know how to ask for it. You feel shy or embarrassed about your needs and desires. Let me help you learn to ask for what you want. Let’s get into the heart of yours and help you discover the intimate side of you…that beautiful, creative, turned-on you.

Transformational Coaching

There’s a high level of depletion occurring among people-exhaustion, lack of joy and connection sets in and we think there must be another way! My specialty is inspiring and guiding others to trust themselves so they can build a strong foundation, dispel self doubt and claim their sovereignty. Living with purpose, joy and connection is a choice.

Together we can create what matters most to you. Daring to communicate more honestly and express ourselves more freely connects us to our inner wisdom. We can start to trust ourselves more, gaining clarity and confidence to do and say what we need in our lives, while feeling good. This is a great place to live from.

Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Warrior

Private, Groups and Retreats

You have stress in your life, then you have stress in your body. You have stress in your body, then you have stress in your spirit!

My mission is to support others in opening their minds and bodies so they can meet the sacred within themselves.

Yoga is a discovery of self. It’s an exploration of stretching, building strength, getting flexible and providing space within the body, mind and spirit. Having awareness in the poses and being curious enough to stay centered and mindful can help one get rooted into who they truly are and allow their sacred shining light to come out.

Yoga is a transformative practice that alleviates stress, supports great health, gives us skills in patience, acceptance and openness. It will change your way being. Come join me and meet YOU!

Love & Light, Juliana

By Appointment

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